Sunday, May 20, 2012


Birds, and indeed their feathers, have been symbolic, imbued with meaning and inspirational to people, definitely including me, the world over for eons. Shamans adorn themselves in the likeness of birds, witches create flying ointments, influenced by a striving for similar freedom to move between realms as is displayed in birds flight and the broader vision it allows. Like the Cormorant who can shift between water, earth and air in a single breath, such abilities bring rise to birds regard as messengers, translaters of secrets, bringer of omens, and bearers of souls. The Latin "aves" means both "birds" and "ancestral spirits".

Birds natural abilities allow them to gain access to wisdoms otherwise unheard or unnoticed, and give rise to the wise owl, or the clever crow, who is a worthy advisor.
Every bird has its own medicine, that can be hinted at through looking at its behaviours and presence in folklore and tale.  So that if one encounters a certain bird, or its feather trail, these charcteristics can hint at the meaning, and timing, of engaging with it, in both daily and nonordinary realities. One can also evoke a particular birds medicine if in alignment with a current path. Though, it seems, such connections are quite likely to occur organically once theres an awareness of the potentials.

Monday, May 7, 2012

I set up my altar for a Samhain ritual, slowly over a couple of days, including painting up an image to rest there. A gathering of bones. Its rather an apt time to be working on the illustrations for Ilkas masters, of species that have become extinct since she began studying.

I began to write a structured ritual but, as at other times recently, ended up just winging it and having a heartfelt adlib dialogue with spirit. I welcomed in my ancestors, guardians and guides aswell as Cailleach, for we now move into her time of year, more internal focused. I offered up roast lamb and baked vegies, with fresh fruit for desert and of course whiskey. I partook of a little too much of the latter...drinking for the ancestors too...gotta watch that....